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CCR Professional and Administrative Staff

Susan E. Bamann, Ph.D., RPA (; 252-641-1444 x. 21)
Dr. Bamann, with over 24 years professional experience including extensive work in cultural resource management in the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast regions, is Regional Director and Project Manager as well as a specialist in precontact Native American archaeology.

Jeroen van den Hurk, Ph.D. (; 252-641-1444 x. 25)
Dr. Van den Hurk is Principal Architectural Historian and a specialist in Post-Medieval and Colonial architecture with over 18 years experience documenting the built environment in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Northeast regions.

Lindsay N. Flood, M.A., RPA (; 252-641-1444 x. 27)
Ms. Flood is a Senior Archaeologist with more than 12 years experience in cultural resource management archaeology including work throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and parts of the Deep South.  She is also CCR’s Compliance Review Specialist, providing editorial support/technical review to ensure report consistency and adherence to guidelines for archaeology and architectural history projects.

Amanda Keeny Stamper, M.A., RPA (; 252-641-1444 x. 24)
Amanda Keeny Stamper is an archaeological crew chief and laboratory/research assistant.  She has Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Public History from East Carolina University and recently completed an M.A. thesis for a degree in Anthropology (historical archaeology) at ECU.

D. Allen Poyner (; 252-641-1444 x. 23)
With a Geographic Information Science Certificate and 14 years prior experience in this field, Mr. Poyner is CCR’s GIS Coordinator specializing in the application of geospatial technology to cultural resource management, including inter- and intra-site spatial analysis, CAD integration, and database creation and management in ArcGIS.


CCRG Officers and Regional Directors

Donald J. Weir, M.A., RPA (, 517-788-3550 x 12)
Mr. Weir, based in Jackson, Michigan, and Tarboro, North Carolina, is CCRG’s founder and CEO.  The CCR division benefits from Weir’s leadership and 30+ years experience in archaeological research and cultural resources project management.

Andrew J. Weir, M.A., RPA (, 517-788-3550 x 14)
Andrew Weir is President of CCR as well as a specialist in the archaeology/maritime archaeology of the Great Lakes region. Based in Jackson, Michigan, he oversees operations of CCRG and its affiliates. Mr. Weir also oversees the business development of the corporation.

Kathryn C. Egan-Bruhy, Ph.D., RPA (, 414-446-4121)
Dr. Egan-Bruhy, whose specialties include paleoethnobotany as well as cultural resources project management, is Regional Vice President and Director of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, office of CCRG.

Chris Espenshade, M.A., RPA (, 517-788-3550 x 22)
Mr. Espenshade is Regional Director for CCRG’s Michigan headquarters office.  His specialties, in addition to project management, include historical archaeology, precontact Native American archaeology, African-American studies, and military sites archaeology.

Michael Polk, M.A., RPA (, 801-394-0013)
Sagebrush Consultants, Utah.

Wade Catts, M.A., RPA (, 610-436-9000)
John Milner Associates, Inc., West Chester, PA.

Joseph Balicki, M.A., RPA (, 703-354-9737)
John Milner Associates, Inc., Alexandria, VA.

Laura Knott, M.L.A., M.S.H.P., ASLA (, 434-979-1617)
John Milner Associates, Inc., Charlottesville, VA.